A Successful WLAM Foundation Reception

This year's WLAM Foundation Reception for Education and Community Leadership was held on March 25th at Great Lakes Culinary Center in Southfield.  Entertainment was provided by Z. Kay Fitzpatrick (WLAMF Trustee) and Dr. David Bauer.
(Pictures below)

We recognized our 2015 scholarship awardees.  The competitive scholarships were awarded to students who demonstrated leadership on women's issues.  Profiles of the women law students can be found here.

(From left: Heather Spielmaker; Paula Willuweit; Sabrina Rewald; Miriam Schachter; Karen Wentz; Charlotte Johnson; Samantha Hall; Leah Hurvitz; Mikyia Aaron; Ashley Zacharski)

(From left: Dana Warnez; Awardee Julie Hurvitz; Awardee Paula Willuweit; WLAM Foundation President Dawn Van Hoek)

This year we honored the Michigan Law School Deans:
Phyllis L. Crocker (University of Detroit Mercy School of Law);
Joan W. Howarth (Michigan State University College of Law); and

Jocelyn M. Benson (Wayne State University Law School)

Each gave a three minute Ted Talk.  Titled TEDw "Toasting Education of Dynamic Women", the Deans talked about their experience in the legal field.

(Dean Joan W. Howarth)

(Dean Phyllis L. Crocker)

(Pictured: Deans with 2015 Scholarship Awardees)

The WLAM Foundation's scholarship program has awarded 215 law students with over $500,000 to support their law school educations.  Specially named awards exist for scholarships supported by large and ongoing donations from General Motors and Dickinson Wright Women's Network, and for a scholarship named for former WLAMF Treasurer Kimberly M. Cahill.  More information on our Dean's List contributors and how can donate, can be found here.

(Kimberly Cahill Scholar Samantha Hall with Dana Warnez)

We would also like to thank our generous sponsors of the event: Kenneth M. Bernard, CFA, Bernard Wealth Management Corp.; Nancy Glen & Ralph McDowell; and Talarico & Associates, PC.

(WLAMF Board Member Nancy Glen and Reception Sponsor Kenneth Bernard)

(Pictured: WLAMF Board and WLAM President and President-Elect.  From Left: Lori Becker; Maya Watson; Paula Talarico; Nancy Glen; Ann Erickson Gault; Kristen Pursley; Markeisha Miner; Michele Rivas; Dawn Van Hoek)